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Shavon Hampton Speaks

Shavon A. Hampton is the author of the breakout book “If They Want To…They Gone To: The Power To Choose” and the founder of Novahs Publishing LLC.

Shavon has always been a lover of the arts. Reading, writing poetry, enjoying music and artwork have been favorite pastimes. As a lifelong student of self-development, writing has become her passion.  “Deciding to self-publish with no prior knowledge of the process was a complete step out on faith.” While doing so, certain pain points were discovered. “Writers can focus on their craft while avoiding the pain points and all of the nuances of self-publishing. After all, becoming an author is a business.“

Her love of expressing thought through words and of people, prompted her to help others to not only beautifully tell their story but also to publish their works.  

Novahs Publishing LLC, is a place where writers can grow.

"Readers can explore limitless possibilities through words, packaged in a book. We all hold a story within. Your story may just be the formula or key to one person discovering a new possibility; and with possibilities comes growth."

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