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Become A Better You

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

We all know the things that it would take to become a better version of ourselves.

You may have acknowledged it many times.

You may have even attempted to begin the methods that we see best fit, through certain tweaks and changes.

Often it will end in a failed attempt.

Why is that?

Well friends, there are many avenues, but only one main reason.


It all boils down to FEAR!

We may be afraid that:

1. we will fail,

2. we will succeed, or

3. others will see us do either or both.

We are afraid of the unknown.

The unknown is like an imaginary ghost.

You can't see it, therefore you are always afraid that it will sneak up on you.

So the question is... how do we come against the fear?

The answer is simple in concept, yet hard to do.

  1. Be Consistent

  2. Be Prepared

  3. Just Do It

Becoming consistent in your efforts and preparing for the next step helps you to feel more confident in your choices.

If I am consistent, then I am preparing.

If I am prepared, I am not afraid of the unknown.

If I just do it, I will become better and better at doing it the next time.

We do not have to be perfect to become a better you.

All we have to do is try!

If you fail, try again, and again!

Eventually, you would have done it so many times that you will feel a little more prepared the next time.

But do you know where the sweet spot is?

The sweet spot/ the gold/ the honey is in the confidence!

Not the fake stuff.

No, that's not what we are after.

We want the real, raw, unadulterated C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E.

With confidence comes trust in yourself.

With trust and confidence comes self-love.

At the point where self-love and confidence meet, is where you will find the best version of you.

The Moral Of The Story Is....Self-love is Becoming A Better You!

There are many steps to live in a state of self-love..

But once you reach this state, you will be on fire!

The job is never finished,

Now, just continue Becoming.

Until next time....

Shavon A. Hampton

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