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Being The First To Do A Thing

Being The First To Do A Thing!!

On Wednesday January 20, 2021, the United States of America swore in a new President and Vice President.

President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris were appointed and celebrated as leaders of our great nation.

This celebration was unique in many ways and for many reasons.

1. We are under a new leadership!!!!!! ( I felt that America has been on the longest running episode of the T.V. show Punk'd, ever in history!)

2. The Democratic party has regained control of the House and Senate!

3. We have a female Vice President, for the first time in history!

4. We have a Black/African American (whichever you prefer) female as a VP, for the first time in history!

5. We have a Black/African American female VP that is a product of an HBCU for the first time in history!

6. Our very first Black/African American female VP is also a member of the first sorority for women of color.

As you see, there are a lot of FIRST to celebrate!

There is a lot of history being made!

There is a clear road being paved, for the young girls of today to model!

I am quite certain that the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has not been easy.

To serve in the many positions of power that V.P. Kamala Harris has, would cause for one to have a great deal of grit, tenacity, commitment, perseverance, consistency, and loyalty just to name a few.

Was that taught or is it innate?

Did her parents put her in the appropriate circles to promote such a mindset?

What are the backstories of her parents/ family?

What are the contributing factors that would birth a Kamala Harris?

In many instances, traveling down such a road of first and/or greatness, may prove to be lonely.

If it has never been done before, there is no playbook to follow, no one to coach you on the exact rules of engagement (so to speak).

You are creating a new path!

For many the responsibility can prove to be too much.

What would that mean for a spouse and children of one graced with such grit, tenacity, commitment, perseverance, consistency, loyalty, etc.?

I am sure there has been a lot of sacrifice on all ends.

With greatness, comes sacrifice!

To be the first would mean to sacrifice… on some or many levels!

Knowing and accepting that as a fact, means that the sacrifice is not really a sacrifice at all!

It is merely a part of your mission...your calling!

It is what must take place!

When you are in charge of a household, do you think of your job as a sacrifice? No!

It is merely a part of life! It is what has to be done in order to pay bills.

Greatness is a calling, therefore you will be graced for your level of greatness!

Greatness is a lifestyle! It is a marathon! It is a journey!

You build up to it... and you build on it!

Congratulations to our President and Vice President!!


The world would not be the same without you!

The moral of this story is... be great where God has graced you...but you must also count the cost!

As always... What's The Moral Of Your Story?

Shavon A. Hampton

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