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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

In honor of this still being March, Women's History Month, I feel the need to talk about an issue that many, if not most, women deal with.

Seeing as though "Woman Is A Superpower" ( read last week's blog to find out more!) , women can fill their cup up to the brim.

Our cups can become filled with our own filler along with our family and friends' fillers.

We will organize, decorate, coordinate, schedule, check-on, create, heal, feed, nourish, and so much more.

A few things that many of us absolutely suck at is......

Delegating tasks and allowing others to help, when their help is needed.

If the cup represents the brain, how exactly would it fill for the brain to be filled to capacity?

The brain would be constantly busy.

Constantly thinking.

Cluttered with thought, replays, what if's, to-do lists, etc.

This is why self-care is so important.

Self-care can be as simple as taking a nap or lighting a candle.

But as complicated as anxiety medication to cope with stress.

There are many factors that can contribute to the feeling of stress.

  1. medical conditions (ex: underactive thyroid function)

  2. poor gut health

  3. alcohol and/or drug consumption

  4. toxic environments/relationships

  5. clutter

Let's briefly chat about each.

  1. Medical Conditions- there are many medical conditions that may have depression as a side effect. Some medications may also have depression as a side effect. Keep all annual doctor's appointments to stay atop of your health.

  2. Poor Gut Health (dysbiosis)- gut health plays a major role in your overall health. Feed and nourish your gut to combat bacteria and fungi that may cause an imbalance in your mood. Check out this product line that is dedicated to gut

  3. Alcohol/Drug Consumption- alcohol and drug consumption both will alter your brain, therefore altering your thinking and mood. If you have a predisposition to anxiety and/or depression, this will only add to that feeling.

  4. Toxic Environments/ Relationships- the relationships that we choose to nourish, can affect every aspect of your life. Your environment is just as important. Consider every relationship and every environment. The two will shape how you view, experience, and respond in life. Pay very close attention to these areas and reevaluate the need. Most importantly, be willing to either remove yourself or the problem.

  5. Clutter- it is a fact that when your environment is cluttered, so is your mind. You will not be as productive or motivated. A cluttered space may cause anxiety because the brain sees clutter as a task. A tidy space causes the brain to feel relaxed.

Here are some other options to bring down your level of stress and anxiety:

  1. meditate and/or pray

  2. take a nap

  3. use essential oils in your space

  4. take a warm bath/ schedule a sauna session

  5. exercise

  6. Bonus: Laugh

The Moral of The Story is... you only get one you, so take care of it!! Monitor the level of filler in your cup. Your capacity level MUST be monitored continuously!

Some days you may hold more than others...that's called your daily capacity!

Admit when you have reached your capacity.

Do not allow your cup to "runneth over."

Also, check on the strong women in your life.

The women that serve as the backbone of the family,

I'm quite certain they are not strong by choice.

They want to be thought of in the same way that they think of others.

As always, What's The Moral Of Your Story?

Until next time...

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