Reclaim Your Time

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

This Year, 2020 has affected everyone in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Many have had some wins in 2020.

Some have birthed businesses. This is the year that I birthed Novahs Publishing LLC.

Some have birth books. This is also the year that I birthed by debut book, “If They Want To: They Gone To: The Power To Choose.”

This year has birthed brilliant ideas, entrepreneurs, and resources that were made for such a time as this.

On the flip side of the coin, 2020 has also brought forth death, divorce, heartache, loneliness and many more things that can take away one's joy.

Time is the one thing that we give the most of, and yet we utilize the least. Let me repeat that so that you really hear it. Time is the one thing that we give the most of, and yet we utilize the least.

This brings up the question; How is your time serving you?

What is the ROI (return of investment) on the things that you CHOOSE to spend your time doing?

Again, how is your time serving you?

Life is all about reciprocity. A balance of give and take. You give something and you receive something.

What are you receiving? As women, we tend to receive and take soo much, often for much too long.

We all know what that the ROI (return on investment) of this behavior yields…. Weariness. We began to feel worn out by the things that we receive and take. We get TIRED y’all! Yes, TIRED!!

Some may surrender to this weariness and give up the good fighting. Never give up the good fight. Never give in to weariness.

Take a break. Hang onto the ropes, take a sip of water, and get back into the ring.

Bruised and all. Get back into that fight!

You never know what breakthrough is waiting just around the corner.

Much too often, the fight looks the ugliest right before the knockout.

Knockout your struggles! Knockout your insecurities! Knockout your demons! Knockout your past failures! Knock out your embarrassments! Knockout the spirit of weariness!

I once heard Pastor Jerry Flowers Jr. say, “Never confuse adjusting as healing.”

Learning to deal with a thing is not the same as healing from a thing.

The Moral Of The Story is….be like Maxine Waters and reclaim your time. Know that you are worthy enough to reclaim that precious time that has been given away or taken by things that serves no purpose. Your deserve RESTORATION!

You deserve to Reclaim Your Time!!

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