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Oh, What A Lovely Thing

Febuary is known as the month of love.

Valentine's Day is the day of love.


How do you show love?

Do you love through cooking?

Do you love through baking?

Do you love through gifts?

Do you love through compliments?

Do you love through hugs and kisses?

However you choose to love... choose to love!!!

Love is the greatest gift to give and to receive!

It unlocks your heart...which makes love the key to the heart!!

If you guard giving love on an extreme level, you will also receive guarded love.

That's no fun...that's a no go!

Who wants guarded love?

I want the kind of love that is so rare, and unusual, that it is a little scary!

I want an uncharted type of love!

I also want to give an uncharted type of love!

This can only be achieved by loving Christ first then loving yourself.

To know Christ is to know love!

Christ is love!

His love is so rare, and so unusual, that it is a little scary.

It is hard to fathom this type of love that remains unmatched by any human.

When another truly feels loved by you, they will move a mountain for that love.

Why, because love can be a little scary!

Love is Pure, Kind, Gentle, Long-Suffering, Slow to anger, Understanding, Committed, A Choice, lastly...LOVE IS NEEDED!!

The moral of this story is....

Give love to receive love?

Most importantly... love the one who loved you first...Christ!!!

As always.....

What's The Moral Of Your Story?


Shavon A. Hampton

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