The Sacrifice Of Greatness

Testimony of Sacrifice:

When I first went through my divorce, there was a lot of change that had taken place.

I was a newly single parent, who was determined that my kid’s lifestyle would not drastically suffer.

Although, I expected and anticipated some changes.

I was working overnight and trying to keep morning doctor appointments and/or keep up with errands to make sure things were in order for the new school year, in a new school district.

Transferring school districts means that there are a lot of forgotten about paperwork(not sure who has it and how to get it) needed.

Well, trying to keep up with it all, without missing a beat, played out real quick!

On the way to a doctor's appointment with only my son and myself in the car, we were met by a morning traffic jam.

I remember seeing the cars were at a standstill.

The next thing I knew, we were forcefully contacting the car ahead of us.

Friends I had fallen asleep behind the wheel, with my child alongside me, and rear-ended the car in front of us!

Trying to prove to onlookers that I could handle it all… and to myself as well, had proven to be too much!

From that day, I vowed to ask for help and to constantly reaccess the load on my plate.

My sacrifice was sleep, health, and good judgment!



What are you willing to sacrifice to be great?

Have you counted the cost of greatness?


Many women desire a husband of great stature, without taking into consideration what the behind the scenes would look like.

Or what that lifestyle would be like.

Not the outside looking in lifestyle, but the day-to-day lifestyle.

Or considering how has his greatness conditioned him?

Does he express himself?


Does he shutdown?

Will you be O.K. with your arrangement 10 years from now?

Not fake O.K. but truly O.K.

The question of the day is...What are you willing to sacrifice for greatness?

Many of us want to have it all...at the same time.

But at what cost?

We want to own the business, run the business, be the model wife, be the model mom, keep the house clean, cook home-cooked meals- from scratch- 5 days a week, drink 1/2 of our body weight in water every day, exercise daily, eat vegan meals, read our bible, go to church, volunteer and much more.


We can do it...oh yes, it can be done.

It just should not be done all at the same time.

To keep your sanity, constantly reassess and reallocate.

Count the cost of your definition of greatness.

Again...What are you willing to sacrifice for greatness?

Time, relationships, sleep, health, comfort, sanity, stress, peace, God?

Jesus sacrificed being liked, understood, and even valued.

On the other extreme, he sacrificed privacy, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice...his life.

Jesus also realized that he needed help to accomplish his mission, therefore he recruited disciples.

The point I'm making is that to be great in any way, there is some form of sacrifice needed.

We are all graced to deal with a certain level of stress.

The trick is this....

When you are destined or God ordained for greatness, God will grace you with a supernatural tolerance of what others would call stress.

Walk-in your tolerance level.

You are graced for it.

Some people opt to fake their tolerance level.

For some odd reason, it has become popular to be busy and overloaded.

Do you know that other countries prioritize socializing and spending time with family and friends over working long hours?

They take longer lunch breaks, get off of work earlier in the day, take more time off of work, live below their means, and it is normal!

They have better healthcare with fewer chronic illnesses than the U.S.

The moral of this story...is to figure out what you value the most and do not sacrifice it...not even for greatness!

Figure out what you can sacrifice and know that it is ok.

After all, Greatness is a lifestyle!

You build up to it (the defining moment), and you build on it!

As always...What's The Moral Of Your Story?

Shavon A. Hampton

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