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The Undetected Pandemic

I have noticed a pattern that has been going on for decades, even centuries.

This thing has run rampant all throughout history.

It has caused the breakup of families and many relationships.

This thing has caused loneliness long before COVID-19.

This thing has caused the need for long and drawn-out healing.

This thing has revealed the mask that people wear, in plain sight, before wearing a mask was required, needed, or even expected.

This undetected pandemic is The Unappreciation For Proper Relationships.

Also known as Undervaluing Relationships.

The Unappreciation For Proper Relationships has caused fathers to leave or cheat on their families.

This has caused parents to abuse their children.

This has caused a lifelong squabble amongst siblings.

This has caused the break-up of friendships that could have been saved with just one conversation.

People that undervalue relationships suffer from pride, selfishness, and the need to get over.

This set of people are ultimately playing a different game in life than that of normal every day people.

The number of people in this particular group are on the rise.

Their tactics and masks sometimes goes undetected.

Sometimes their masks can be spotted from a mile away.

So what should we do about this undetected and/or pandemic?

We should pray!

Pray without ceasing!

Pray that God will heal the heart of those that are hurt.

Pray that God will give you the wisdom to discern those in this group.

Pray that God will give you the strength to remove them from your life before any hurt, harm, or damage is caused.

If they have been called into your life, pray that God will give you the wisdom to know how to deal with them.

Pray that your light will outshine their darkness.

is... this set of people do exist.

They are here to stay.

Good Hearted, everyday, God-fearing people like you and I, have to learn to coexist.

Continue to be the person that God has called you to be.

There is a lesson to be learned each time that we encounter these individuals.

We will know exactly what that lesson is by the pain point or irritation that is inflicted by your interaction with them.

We may can improve how we choose to respond.

We may can improve on our choice to entertain these individuals.

We may need to work on anger issues.

We may need to ask God to remove a spirit of lust from our hearts.

We may need to ask God to remove a spirit of fear from our hearts.

Whatever the issue may be, we all need healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships to go throughout life with.

The right relationships can enrich our lives in so many ways.

But the wrong relationships can derail our lives.

I pray that all good-hearted, God-fearing, loving people walking on this earth will be able to quickly discern the difference between the two.

So don't be afraid.

Only aware.

The Unappreciation For Proper Relationships is in fact an undetected pandemic !!!

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