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The Unexpected Winter Storm

Hi friends! I pray that all is well with you and your loved ones. in little ole Mississippi, we have been experiencing a winter storm.

Side note: I took the picture above while inching down a road near my home.

No worries, I was cautious, and I kept both eyes on the road while quickly snapping this picture.

O.K. back to the story....

In fact, this storm is affecting many of the southern states.

Texas being one that has taken a hard hit over the last week or so.

It is not uncommon for us to have a snow day or two here in Mississippi in either January or February.

But usually, our experience with the snow is short-lived.

It may stick around for one to two days, but the temperature is usually not low enough to sustain our beautiful, rare, and much-anticipated encounter with the snow.

Well, history has now changed.

We now have experienced all that comes with a winter storm; rain, sleet, snow, ice, temperatures below freezing (in the low teens), power outages, water outages, low food supply, employee shortages, traffic jams, unsafe roads, and just all the things.

This reminds me of many of life's experiences.

Marriage, pregnancy, parenting, building a business from the ground up, moving to a new place, completing a degree, the list goes on.

We anticipate the new encounter.

Yes, we most certainly do!

We are ready to celebrate the highs that accompany the beautiful, new experience.

Yes, Sign me up!

But what about when it turns into that low, muddy, and icy thing???

When the unblemished, pure white snow, has been tracked on so many times that it has turned to brown ice.

No more pretty.

No more exciting.

No more pure and unblemished.

Are we still as excited?

Like B.B. King said, " The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away."

Are we still excited when the once unblemished thing causes us to go without food, heat, and water... the bare necessities of life?

How about when the new marriage causes you to go without feeling seen, heard, appreciated, or loved? Bare necessities!

Or when that new business causes you to pay it instead of it paying you. Bare Necessity!

Or when that beautiful newborn causes you to miss out on so much sleep that you don't know if you are coming or going. Bare Necessity!

Or how about, when you have committed to so much, but you don't feel like being needed today??


We all know that life itself is uncertain.

It always has twists and turns in its plot.

One thing that you can count on is...

There will always be winter, occasionally there will be a winter storm...

But guess what?

The sun is shining today!!

The forecast shows sunny days ahead!!

A little chilly, but sunny nonetheless.

The Moral Of The Story is, don't allow the low of your much-anticipated highs, to allow you to feel that your low is permanent. The sun will shine again, in due season!

It always does!

Now you can put your last two dollars on that!

As always, the question of the day is...What's The Moral Of Your Story?

Love y'all,

Shavon A. Hampton

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